Institutional Research Consultant



Education And EXPERIENCE


Zhang Ji Jiang


Chair Professor of Chung Yuan University

Executive Director of Higher Education Evaluation Center

President of Yilan University

Dean of Provost, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief of Research and Development, Chief of General Affairs, Dean, Department Head of Chung Yuan University

Higher Education Administration

Higher Education Evaluation

Institutional Research

Peng Samuel S.


PhD in Educational Psychology, State University of New York at Buffalo

Director, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education

Honorary Chair Professor of Tsinghua University

Honorary Chair Professor of Sun Yat-sen University

Chair Professor, National Taiwan Normal University

Student Learning Outcomes

Higher Education Evaluation

Institutional Research

Shi Huei Ho


Doctor of Education, George Washington University

Director of Teacher Training and Career Guidance Center, Taipei City University

Associate Researcher and Director of the Center for Curriculum and Teaching Research, National Academy of Education

Visiting Associate Researcher, Department of Higher Education Research, Hokkaido University Higher Education Promotion Institute, Japan

Director of Regional Teaching Resource Center, Director of Teaching Resource Center, Director of Teacher Training Center of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Soochow University

Associate Professor, Institute of Educational Administration and Evaluation, Taipei City University, Associate Professor, Center for Teacher Training and Career Development

Higher Education

Institutional Research

School Governance

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Huai Pu Chou


Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University

Visiting Scholar in Instrument Control Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Visiting Scholar at German Nuclear Safety Institute

Visiting Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering, UCLA

Engineer, Electronics Department, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Professor, Dean of Engineering Department, Vice Provost, Emeritus Professor, Vice President of National Tsing Hua University

Secretary General of Taiwan Association for Institutional Research

Nuclear Instrument Electronics

Nuclear Radiation Measurement

Nuclear Reactor Analysis

Bou Wen Lin


Doctor of Public Administration, Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University

Lectures at the National Civil Service Training Institute of the Examination Yuan

Lecture by the Local Administration Center of the Bureau of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan

Special Researcher of the Internal Affairs Group of the National Policy Research Foundation

Consultant of the Urban Development Committee of the Hsinchu City Government, member of the Special Account Management Committee for Social Assistance Funds, member of the Review Committee of the Integrity Report

Member of the editorial committee of the Journal of Administration and Policy, National Taipei University

Executive Director of the Public Administration Society of the Republic of China

Member of the Administrative Terminology Review Committee of the National Institute of Compilation and Translation

Head of the Department of Public Affairs and Management, Dean of Admissions, Dean of Dean, Secretary to the Director, Acting Chief Bursar, Acting President, and Vice President of the Department of Public Affairs and Management of Xuanzang University

Executive Director of Xuanzang Culture and Education Foundation

Policy Analysis

Government Budget

Regional Marketing

Policy Marketing

Performance Management

Leadership Communication

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